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Cocktail & Food Matching

Cocktail & Food Matching



We’ve all heard of food and wine matching, even the odd gin/food matching has cropped up recently, but now the ‘liquid chefs’ are getting involved –  bartenders across the globe are mixing up perfect cocktails to sip with delicious bites.


‘That restaurants around the country are beginning to offer food–cocktail pairings is a testament to how far cocktails have come in recent years, an acknowledgment that thoughtful, carefully made cocktails are worthy of chefs’ creations’ JJ Good, Epicurios Magazine, New York.  The New York bar and restaurant scene has certainly embraced the idea of cocktails and food matching, as a fun and interesting new way to enjoy the food and drink experience. Bartenders and chefs alike want to offer customers a new experience, and wow them with perfect pairings. Shoreditch types are also enjoying this new trend at establishments like the Clove Club, where anything from earthy haggis bites are paired with whisky cocktails, or sparkling sake is served up with exotic fruits. Elsewhere in London, traditionalist can simply enjoy oysters and martinis at the American bar, at the Savoy, whilst the London Edition Hotel does the fabulous Scandal Water Events, where teapots are filled with wondrous concoctions, and sipped along with a range of afternoon tea treats. (source FT)


There is however, no need to go to all the way to NY, or even London, for this fab new foodie pastime: At La Raza, we’re delighted to be announcing our team up with the Cambridge Cookery Bistro and Café for some of our very own exquisite food and cocktail pairings.  The tapas style menu, takes inspiration from the modern and uber hip cuisine of Scandinavia, as well as some of the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean, bringing together a range of amazing tastes that our expert bartenders have matched with some surprising and mouthwatering cocktails.


‘We wanted to give people a really broad range of flavours to try, with both the food and the drinks, and we have to say we had a lot of fun finding the perfect matches.’ Commented Charlie Anderson ‘The freshness of the Scandi dishes works really well with gin and vodka cocktails and the deeper flavours of the Italian dishes can take stronger bases such as whisky, or the bitterness of Aperol. We have devised a matching menu, or guests can choose from our full menu if they fancy trying their own match. There really is something for everyone here, and the food is outstanding – we’re excited to bring something new to Cambridge.’



‘We are very used to matching our food to quality wines, for our wine events, so it was an exciting challenge to match our dishes with cocktails.’ Commented Tine Roche, founder of Cambridge Cookery, Bistro and Café.  ‘There really are endless combinations, because cocktails can be so versatile in flavour. Cambridge is becoming a very food and drink savvy city and we think it is more than ready for something new and different like this.’


Food details

All £6.50 a dish, or three for £16.00


Scandi style meatballs

Smoked salmon mousse on Rye

Västerbotten Quiche (V) (cheese quiche)

Asparagus Frittata

Pinxo with olive, Manchego, roasted pepper, aïoli

Arancini with chorizo and mozzarella

Mini Pissaldière with sweet onion, black olive, anchovy

Sage & Ricotta butter fried Rotolo



Cocktails – £5.50, £10 for two

  • Blood and Sand – a deep flavoured whisky-based cocktail, that matches perfectly with the Mediterranean flavours of the Arancini and the rich taste of the beef meat balls
  • Aperi-groni – a bitter, refreshing, intense orange cocktail, balances perfectly with the Pissaldière and the Pinxo
  • The English Garden – a light, refreshing, cucumber drink that is the perfect pair with the salmon mousse
  • Pushing Up Elderflowers – a bespoke La Raza creation, with St Germain, Absolut Citron and egg white – a delicious frothy number that works with the delicate flavours of the Rotolo
  • SauvyB-Fizz – Tangy wine-based cocktail that can be sipped with all the food, but is perfect with the Asparagus frittata and the Västerbotten Quiche


Book your table now to avoid disappointment 01223 464550.